Club Names

Because it is possible for each facilitator to complete multiple clubs over the next year, you will need to assign a unique “club name” to each club you facilitate. It does not matter what your club name is or how you decide it. All that matters is that you have one unique name per club and that the participants are aware of the name. The name needs to be decided before you begin implementing your program and before the participants take the survey.

For example, over the course of the contract period you are teaching two distinct clubs. One meets on Mondays and the other meets on Wednesdays. On the Monday of your first class, your students vote on the class name “The Cardinals”. This means that your Wednesday class cannot be named the Cardinals, so the students vote on “The Royals”. From that point forward, the Monday class will be referred to as the Cardinals club and the Wednesday class will be referred to as the Royals club.

Club names will be used on all evaluation material. The club name should also match the name on the Sequencing Form for TOP Clubs due to DHSS so it is important that both you and your students remember it.