Mailing Instructions


  • Consent forms and paper entry and exit surveys are mailed to the evaluation team 
  • Facilitators must include a MOTPP Cover Sheet with every packet mailed
  • If you are sending materials for more than one club, please use separate cover sheets and bundle appropriately
  • In order to protect student confidentiality, consent forms should be mailed separately from participant paper surveys and all mailers with participant paper surveys should be marked as "confidential" 


  • Consent forms – Bundle all consent forms by class, complete a MOTPP Cover Sheet for each class, mail cover sheet and consent forms together to the mailing address below
  • Surveys – Each student will place their completed survey in an unmarked white envelope. Facilitators will collect these envelopes, bundle them by club, complete a cover sheet for each club, and mail them in a 9” by 12” envelope
  • Facilitators should use plenty of packing tape to reinforce the envelope seal. If the envelope splits open in the U.S. mail system, the surveys may be unrecoverable


  • Facilitators are prohibited from keeping copies of surveys. These documents must be mailed to the evaluation team where they will be kept secured
  • All forms are mailed to:

MOTPP Evaluation
c/o Emmie Harcourt
University of Missouri
137 B Middlebush Hall
Columbia, MO  65211