Consent Forms


Parental or legal guardian consent is required for both program participation and survey participation. This means every participant in your class is required to have written parental permission to participate in the surveys and the program itself. Because every participant requires consent, it is important to plan ahead to make sure consent forms are collected prior to the first session.

Parents/legal guardians may decide they do not want their youth to take the surveys. These participants can still participate in the program as long as they have permission to participate in the program. Program participation and evaluation participation have been separated on the consent form. Regardless of how many participants take the survey, the number of participants you have on your attendance log should exactly match the number of consent forms you have sent in.

As a facilitator, it is your responsibility to ensure the parent/legal guardian has filled out the consent form correctly. This means that they have checked the appropriate box for program participation and evaluation participation. This also means that they have clearly written the participant's name on the appropriate line and signed their own name. Consent forms that are not legible or are incorrectly filled out will not be considered as valid consent.

Consent forms can be completed on paper or digitally and are available in both English and Spanish. 

Mail completed paper consent forms to the address listed in the Mailing Instructions section. 


Digital Consent Forms 

Digital consent forms for parents/guardians and adult participants are now available through DocuSign. NOTE: Starting February 15, 2022 Internet Explorer will no longer support DocuSign. Browsers that are supported by DocuSign include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Coordinators and facilitators should use one of these browsers to access DocuSign.

All signed forms will be automatically sent to the evaluation team and the indicated coordinator/facilitator. In order to utilize digital consent forms, you will need to provide parents/guardians or adult participants (those 18 years and older) with: 

1. The link to the appropriate online consent form and

2. The lead facilitator or coordinator's name and email address. 

Full instructions for digital consent forms can be found in the documents section of this page or by clicking here


The digital consent form for youth under the age of 18 can be accessed by sharing this link with parents/guardians of participants:

English Version: 

Spanish Version:


The digital consent form for participants over the age of 18 can be access by sharing this link with adult participants:

English Version:

Spanish Version:


Paper Consent Forms

Consent forms are available in both English and Spanish. The paper consent form for youth under the age of 18 can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Participants age 18 and over do not need parental or legal guardian consent. They may consent themselves into the program and research. (If the participant is in foster care then please follow the protocol of your agency and/or the Department of Social Services to determine if participants age 18 and over can sign for themselves). Consent forms are available in both English and Spanish. 

To access the paper consent form for participant over the age of 18 please click the link below: