MPC Fidelity Logs


  • The evaluation team uses fidelity logs to determine if the MPC curriculum is being delivered as intended (i.e. “with fidelity”)
  • To complete the fidelity logs, facilitators will answer a series of questions specific to each of the eight MPC modules (or ten for MPC OOH), including whether all required content was covered in each session, how that content was delivered, and if any adaptations were made
  • At the end of the program, the evaluation team should have received one fidelity log for every MPC lesson. The number of fidelity logs should be the same as the number of lessons entered on the attendance log


  • Facilitators must complete fidelity logs within 48 hours (two business days) of each MPC session taught
  • Only one facilitator from each class will need to complete the fidelity logs
  • Fidelity logs are completed and submitted online - fidelity logs can be completed by following the link provided in the confirmation page of a submitted facilitator log or through the links below


  • Click the link below to complete the MPC Fidelity Log (8 Modules) 
  • Click the link below to the complete MPC Out-of-Home Care Fidelity Log (10 Modules). Please note that this fidelity log is for youth in out-of-home care only