MPC Participant Exit Survey


  • Participants must have written consent from a parent or legal guardian to take the participant exit survey

  • Participation in the exit survey is strictly voluntary. Even if the parent/guardian has provided consent for the participant to take the survey, facilitators can encourage, but not require, participants to complete the survey

  • The exit survey is given at the end of the last session after all curriculum is delivered 

  • NEW for 2020-2021: In order to protect participant privacy, when clubs are fully virtual and at-home, participants should also complete virtual (online) surveys


  • Participant surveys are available in paper and online format. For consistency, club participants should complete either all paper surveys or all online surveys

  • Facilitators select the appropriate link (below) to either download and print copies or access the online survey link for each participant who have consented to complete the survey

  • For each survey, facilitators should write the participant’s ID number and club name on the paper survey or provide the participant with their ID number and club name for online surveys

  • If distributing paper surveys, facilitators distribute an envelope to each participant to place and seal their completed surveys to ensure the confidentiality of their responses. Paper surveys are sealed by the participant

  • Lastly, facilitators bundle and mail printed surveys to the evaluation team following MOTPP mailing instructions or email the evaluation team that online surveys are available

Paper Survey Links

  • Beginning in January 2021 and updated in February 2022 MPC has one option for participant exit surveys. Below is the link to the printable PDF:

Online Survey Links  

  • Beginning in January 2021 and updated in February 2022 MPC has one option for participant entry surveys. 
  • Online participant surveys can be taken on mobile devices, tablets, or computers. Please ensure that participant ID numbers and club names for each student are distributed. A failure to do so could result in the surveys being ineligible for evaluation
  • More information and instructions can be found in the MOTPP Evaluation Guide.
  • Below is the link to the online participant exit survey: