Facilitator Log Instructions

The process for submitting attendance and club information is combined into three online facilitator logs. This process combines the previously separate attendance logs and facilitator post-survey. Detailed instructions are included in the MOTPP Evaluation Guide.

The new facilitator log is used to track youth attendance, community service learning (CSL) hours, and club information. TOP clubs submit three facilitator logs during the course of the program year:

1. The first log within four weeks of the first club/meeting

2. The second log by January 15th

3. The final log within two weeks of the last club/meeting

For questions, please contact the evaluation team at motppevaluation@missouri.edu or by phone at 573-882-1739.

Virtual Lesson Update from Wyman 

During the 2020-2021 program year, a new virtual lesson was added: “Processing Experiences and Emotions.” To enter this lesson, open the TOP Attendance Log excel file and navigate to the “Club Attendance” tab. In the “Level Number” drop-down menu, select “Other”. Next, in the “Lesson Number” drop-down menu, select “Processing E and E” to record this lesson.